Look For The Butterfly by Colleen Dahlgren

Look For The Butterfly by Colleen Dahlgren
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Introduction to "Look For the butterfly" by Colleen Dahlgren

Introduction to "Look For The Butterfly" by Colleen Dahlgren
Is there life after death? Are we more than just our bodies here on earth? Will we see our loved ones again? The people whose stories are told in this book would answer an unequivocal "yes" to all these questions. They have proof. They have received signs from their deceased loved ones letting them know that they are okay. These "signs" or "messages" have taken many forms. Some came through dreams or actual visions. Some people have actually had conversations with their deceased loved ones. Sometimes, the signs were more subtle, but no less real - a beautiful butterfly, a flaming red cardinal, a colorful rainbow, a blooming plant and many more. Many times, the grieving person asked God for a specific sign and yet, just as often, the messages were an unexpected gift. Whatever the source, each of the people in these stories were immensely comforted and more at peace with the death of their loved one.Whether we lose someone to a devastating illness, suicide, an accident, violence or natural causes, we all want to know that that person is all right. We have the need to know that we will see them again someday. Otherwise, how could we go on?My own tragic experience with a death in my family led me to explore and research life after death in great detail.For the rest of my life, I will remember the night of April 6, 1994 as the night that changed my life forever.The phone rang about 7:00 p.m. My sister was on the other end."Are you sitting down?"Immediately, I knew something was horribly wrong."I've got some bad news - very bad," she started. Later, she told me that she wanted to tell me quickly to spare me from additional pain."Floyd was killed today." Floyd is our uncle, my mother's brother.I gasped and reached for the nearest chair."There's more," she added. MORE?She went on to tell me that my cousin, Floyd's youngest son, had taken his father's life. My cousin suffers from a severe form of mental illness, paranoid schizophrenia, and has been troubled and tormented for the last ten years.I immediately felt an overpowering need to know for sure that my uncle was okay. It became an obsession. I needed to know that after all his suffering and his last horrible moments on this earth, he was at peace and finally "home' with God. I prayed, I began researchiing, I read books, I visited the Internet, and I talked to people. What I found amazed and comforted me. Hundreds of people have received signs from their deceased loved ones. These signs have come in many forms. I was intrigued by all of them. I couldn't believe the number of people who have had experiences with butterflies and other signs in one form or another. The more I learned, the more excited I became. I sincerely felt I needed to let people know about this. I needed to reach a certain in my own healing, however, before I could begin to think about helping others. When I came to this point, I realized that I had to let people know about this wonderful gift. I needed to let them know that their loved ones were fine. I began to collect stories about "after-death communications", and decided to write a book documenting these stories. I also wanted to include in the book the many lessons I learned from this tragedy. One thing all of the books and materials I read on near death experiences had in common was the message the survivors brought back with them; that is - our purpose here on Earth. I have to admit I struggled with this one. "After all," I thought, "why are we here if this is how it all ends?" What I learned was this: we are here to learn and to love and help one another; a simple but powerful message. I felt a need to share this message with others. This was truly my wake-up call.Death is not the end. It is only a transition, a new beginning! Our true self is not our body, our true self is the soul or spirit contained within our body. Our physical body is only a shell or house for our soul. When we die, we shed this shell or cocoon and our soul is free and whole - as free as a butterfly. We only lose our physical bodies. That is all!The butterfly is the symbol for rebirth and resurrection. It means everlasting life in Jesus Christ. The organization, "Compassionate Friends" (a group for bereaved parents), uses the butterfly as their symbol. In my research, I came across this quote by Richard Bach, "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly." How wonderful! Since the early centuries of the Christian church, the butterfly has symbolized the resurrection and life after death. The caterpillar signifies life here on earth, the cocoon signifies death and the butterfly; the emergence of the dead into a new world and wonderful, free existence. I love butterflies and you will see why!On the day of my uncle's funeral, at the burial, the first sign from Floyd occurred. It was a rainy, cold day in New England. As the family stood graveside in much anguish, a yellow butterfly appeared seemingly from nowhere and started to flutter around my cousin, Jeff's and his mother, Lily's faces. My cousin recalled thinking how strange it was to see a butterfly around this time of year and no sooner had that thought popped into his head, he thought of his father and Floyd's love of nature. He immediately knew this was a sign from his father that he was now in God's hands and that he was fine. Jeff tells of feeling a huge relief as if a ton of bricks were taken off his chest right at that moment. The butterfly lingered for some time around Lillian, as if to thank her for the thirty-four years she and Floyd had shared together; then it flew to the bugler who was playing "Taps". Uncle Floyd had been in the navy for twenty years and the tribute would have been a great honor for him. At the conclusion of "Taps", the butterfly flew off into the woods, having touched the souls of the family. Later that day, as everyone gathered at the family home, an amazing "coincidence" was noted. My aunt had a collection of butterfly works of art, which were displayed throughout the house.Exactly one month after my uncle's death, his brother, Sam, was sitting on the porch of his house and thinking about my uncle and how much he missed Floyd. Suddenly, the most beautiful butterfly he had ever seen landed next to him and stayed for about twenty minutes, as if to pay him a visit and comfort his wounded soul.I also recall talking to my cousin, Jeff, on the third anniversary of his dad's death. He was very sad, but feeling somewhat at peace. He had just seen a butterfly that morning! I had been praying that the person who needed it most would receive a sign from my uncle Floyd.I too was sent a sign one day when I was feeling particularly depressed. I was cleaning and found a box that looked as if it had never been opened. Inside the box was a butterfly pin with purple roses on it. A purple rose was the sign that I had asked for before I knew about the butterflies. To this day, I don't recall ever seeing that box or pin before then. I called my sister and she gasped. She said that she was just getting dressed for a funeral and she had just that moment found a butterfly pin, also.There have been many other signs. God is persitent. I know that I will continue to receive messages or hear of others who have, whenever I need reassurance.From the very minute I heard the news of my uncle's murder, I knew without a doubt that my life would never be the same. I believe that in everyone's life, there is a moment that changes your life. That night truly divided mine into two distinct parts - "before" and "after". Before the event and after the event.Look For The Butterfly is a book about death. However, it is not a sad or depressing book. It is a book of hope and inspiration for anyone who has ever known the incredible pain of losing someone.The stories in Look For The Butterfly confirm the belief that there is no death. Death is only a transition. It is a beginning. We will be reunited with our loved ones again. It is my deep and fervent hope that through my story and the stories in this book, I can provide some measure of comfort for everyone who has experienced a loss.For each of you reading this book, I pray for peace, I pray for understanding, and most of all, I pray you will find the faith within yourselves to search for, discover and believe in your own personal butterflies.
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Do you believe in after-death communications?

Have you ever had an after-death communication?

If you have had an after-death communication, what form has it taken?

I Only Wanted You

They say memories are

Well, maybe that is

But, I never wanted

I only wanted

A million times I needed

A million times I

If love alone could have saved

You never would have

In life I loved you

In death I love you

In my heart you hold a

No one could ever

If tears could build a

And heartache make a

I'd walk the path to

And bring you back

Our family chain is

And nothing seems the

But as God calls us one by

The chain will link

Look For the Yellow Butterfly by Patricia Oglesby

About a year after my son, Shawn, died in 1993, my married daughter was going through a difficult time. She was depressed and very angry. Shawn was her only sibling, and the loss was very hard to accept. One night Shawn came to her in a dream. He told her he was all right and happy where he was; that she must learn to forgive and he would always be with her.
"How will I know you are with me?" she asked.
"Look for the yellow butterfly," was his reply.
At the time, Karen lived in an apartment, and the first thing she did every morning was open her drapes. On the morning after her dream, she opened them to find what must have been one hundred yellow butterflies fluttering against the large picture window. She never saw so many butterflies before at one time, and it was early in the year for butterflies.
Later on, my husband, Buddy, Karen, Hayley (my grand-daughter) and I went to the cemetary. A yellow butterfly appeared. It kept going around and around my granddaughter's head. It stayed with her for at least three minutes. We thought it looked as though it was trying to gently light on her head. Needless to say, she was quite startled by the whole thing. She was only two at the time. We were in awe over the experience and will never forget it.


Anonymous said...

My mom passed away Setember 6, 2010.. Two weeks ago, I went to the cemetary. As soon as I sat down, what appeared? A yellow butterfly.. I knew that was a sign.. I needed one that day.. I miss my mommy.. But, I know she is okay...

Anonymous said...

I meant 2009.. It will be one year on Monday..

Anonymous said...

My family and I also saw yellow butterflies after my uncles passing. One followed my cousin, his daughter all the way up a long hill. One followed his girlfriend as she was getting in her car. One flew infront of the whole family as we were gathering on the day of his passing. So yes I do believe this was a sign that he is okay. He was really into nature and this would be the form that he would use to express that. I have also dreamt of him. I believe he was in heaven. He looked about age 30ish. He had a huge grin and was sitting at a marble table. He was waving at me. I can't wait to see him again.

Anonymous said...

My father died died recently and he died in a massive heart attack on his sleep, he's only 63 when he died, my brother flew his body back from malaysia to the philippines so we can be with him, the way we deal with this kind of situation is we mourn for a few in the house before the funeral so family and friends can give their respect and said their goodbyes. On the day my fathers coffin arrived in my parents house it was already midnight their is also a two big massive yellow butterfly that arrived with him and never moved from the flowers we have in the house, and we said that is very strange, we have mourn for 3 days before but on the last night before the day of my dad's funeral we have to give our last prayers and this butterfly is starting to dance, flying around to everybody's head that giving their respect to my dad.. Ever since then their is always butterfly come to visit my mum and we all believe that it was dad saying hello and that he's alright and happy now..

Braids4Gro said...

My grandmother passed away while I was working in Iraq. I didn't get a chance to make it to her funeral. My grandmother and I were very close. I considered her my mother and she carried my picture around in her wallet everywhere she went and I was 1 of 4 of her grandkids. Well when I finally returned the day after her funeral while I was walking up to her grave a yellow butterfly flew on my cheek. I had never heard of the yellow butterfly so I fanned my hand at it. Something just seemed strange about it so I told my grandfather and he told his friend who is an older lady. She instantly told me that was my grandmother! I was so happy, I started researching on the internet and found people had similar experiences. So I am here to say today. The butterfly story is true and I hope me telling my story helps some person suffering from a loved on passing on as other peoples stories have helped me. Now today I was really sad about my grandmother. I went outside to the backed door and asked God to show me a sign or for my grandmother, the yellow butterfly or the red bird to appear and maybe 2 minutes later a YELLOW BUTTERFLY came into my view!! I cried ran back in the house, got on my hands and knees said my prayer and thanked GOD. I also was glad for the confirmation that my grandmother was okay. My grandmother went thur a lot and she was a god driven women, so I already knew where her soul went but I was glad for the extra confirmation. So if you are grieving over a loved one while you are reading this just pray and ask GOD for a sign and you shall receive. Just remember their body was just a "holding" for their soul as ours. When they go into death it is only them shedding their "holdings" and crossing over into a existence us humans can not experience yet. Stay strong and live in peace because we will see them again. Just feel comfort in knowing you have somebody "up there" protecting you. :) God bless :)

Anonymous said...

My daughter passed away 1 1/2 yrs ago- only 20 yrs old. I've been very crushed since and praying for a sign. I finally got one last Saturday and was looking on the internet to see if anyone else had. I was fishing at our favorite spot and a Big Beautiful Yellow Butterfly laid right by me at the riverbank and fluttered around me as I moved down the way it came with me and stayed by me for quite a while. I've never seen such a pretty butterfly I thought of Her and God, they put it there for me to let me know she's with me. thanks for sharing, its been a very difficult time. God Bless...

Anonymous said...

My beloved grandma died in 1993, but my family has had a few ADCs since then.

The most recent ADC happened on her birthday this year (May 3rd). I'd been thinking of my grandma a lot and missing her. For some reason I decided to go to the garage, and when I did, I saw that my parents had just come home. The first thing my mom said was, "There's a butterfly on you!" This confused me, because I'd never seen a butterfly in our garage before, let alone have one land on me. I couldn't tell where the butterfly was, but my parents could. Mom said it landed on my pants. I looked, but it had moved. I finally caught a glimpse of it fluttering rapidly on my left side. It was a big butterfly with various colors. It stayed on me for a while, then flew across the garage. It seemed reluctant to leave. I firmly believe the butterfly was a sign from my grandma to let me know she is happy and that she is watching out for me. =)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. May you always feel her presence. God bless

Anonymous said...

My Mother died last week 12/4/12and her funeral Mass was held at her catholic church on Monday. As I was getting ready to go to the church I stepped out of my house and onto the front porch. Immediately a bright yellow butterfly flew above my head round and round. I am not a spiritual person, but I felt an immediate attachment linking this to my Mom. I hurried onto the church service and forgot about the incident and I even felt foolish thinking any more about it. Four hours later after my Mother's burial I returned home and saw my brother sitting on the front porch and next to him sat a fern. As I approached the porch there was the same bright yellow butterfly that flew out of the fern and for the next minutes or so circled around and around me flying out into the yard and back again to me before flying away. I truly believe that some kind of sign from Mom was shown to me that day--and I am thankful my brother saw it so people will not think I am crazy

Anonymous said...

My Granddaughter was born premature.Her lungs were not developed enough so she was on a vent the three weeks that she lived .she was in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).We could not hold her but we could sit by her crib & talk to her .So for 3 weeks this is what my daughter & I did .ON the day she died we knew she was getting even more sick one of her nurses allowed her mother to hold & cuddle her I left the room to give them some time alone and I needed some air ,I walked out the doors of the hospital feeling much grief ,I was not going to give up on my little Granddaughter ,I wasn't ready to let her go.I walked a few steps from the hospital and a yellow butterfly kept flying around me it looked as if it was dancing it would land on me then dance a way ,my first instinct was to shoo it away ,but it just kept coming back the last time it landed on my shoulder close to my heart at this point it was like this revelation came to me that Taylor was going to be ok.A few hours later Taylor passed away ,at that time I didn't understand but I now know it was Gods way of telling me he was going to heal her & make her whole.I know someday Little Taylor & I will meet again.She is my Little Angel.

Anonymous said...

my sister and brother n law recently committed suicide, he shot her then himself, our family has been devestated, i had a dream a few weeks after they did this, my sister was standing in her yard just looking at me then i saw a burst of yellow and black and my sister was gone but a beautiful yellow butterfly was flitting around, then about a week later we were at my sisters house taking down the pool and some fence and a yellow butterfly came flying around my head, i knew my sister was there, that is what prompted me to do this research on yellow butterflies, reading these stories makes me feel a little better since their deaths were so violent and they were so depressed, i have been searching for some light in this situation

Anonymous said...

I have seen the yellow butterfly since the day my grandmother passed away. We were very close and she was like a mother to me. I was devastated when she passed but I knew her faith and love for GOD would take her to a better place. On the day my family decided to pull the plug I fall into a state of depression. As I was about to leave work to give her my final good byes, I noticed a big, beautiful black and yellow butterfly dancing around me and even landed on my leg at one point. I was amazed and I knew it was significant because yellow was our favorite color. I have constantly seen the same butterfly every year since her passing in 2008! My son and mother has also witnessed the butterfly on various occassions! I actually just seen it today! I knew it was from GOD but I wanted to research it orgin and I am overjoyed to see others have experienced this unexplainable love from above.. I have been debating getting a tattoo of the butterfly so I never forget it but after reading these stories I know the yellow butterfly is real and should be celebrated! God is soooo GOOD!!

Anonymous said...

My father passed away August 8, 2013. A week and a half later, I was feeling really sad about him passing away. My daughter (who is 13, and who my dad loved early also) was sitting in the living room with me, when all of sudden through the sliding glass windows, we saw a butterfly dancing all around, just in front of our window area, nowhere else. (We live in a first floor condo). The butterfly danced and flew and seemed to be having a great time. My daughter said, "is that Papa Donald?" I said, "I think maybe it is. If it is, he's having a great time!" The butterfly flew away and I said, "oh I wanted to see you more!" And it came back a few minutes more. After that, for about a week, a yellow butterfly that looked just the same as the first one would casually fly past the front of the car as we drove, several different times. Then when I was out walking a dog I was fostering, the yellow butterfly came and hovered around me, flying round and round me and landing on the ground beside me. Even the dog noticed it. I had to go get something and said to the butterfly - stay right there, I'll be right back. I was gone about a minute and came back, and it was still right there. I have never had such a feeling of peace just seem to wash over me. My daughter told me that her grandfather (my ex husband's father) has been seeing the same type of butterfly for two years since her grandmother died, particularly at their lake house, which was a favorite place for her because all the family gathered there. She said at the lake, they now always see hundreds of yellow butterflies, and her grandpa always says, "there's grandma." So yes, I believe :)

lucy mitchell said...

A big yellow butterfly was in my hallway the day after my Grandfather died. It was in February so early for butterflys. Also after my friend died a big yellow butterfly was in my living room and that was March. It was comforting for me and I felt very grateful.

Anonymous said...

My dog died Thurs. He had cancer...we didn't know...it was sudden, fast, and awful...Today my father was in the yard and a yellow butterfly fly over him, rested on a bush nearby, and then flew over the house and disappered...I've never seen a butterfly here before...and dad said it was large and bright yellow...it really was beautiful, apparently...He was sure it was our dog...he was also a yellow/gold color like peanut butter...so that's why dad said it...now I looked it up and I found all these stories about yellow butterflies....it is REAL...I also lost his leash the day he was dying...we brought him outside without it...it had gone missing that day...today it was on the table...in a place both dad and I had both looked a million times...we both said, "He's free..he doesn't need it now"...at the same time...

Anonymous said...

The day after my dog died a little over four years ago. I was staring out my bedroom window (upstairs apt.) I asked God for a sign my dog was ok. I had been consumed with grief. She was 13 and I had to put her to sleep the hardest thing I've ever done. She was my life since I was never able to have children for unknown reasons. A yellow butterfly appeared at the window and hung around for a bit. I went hiking next day with my boyfriend and a yellow butterfly started following me. We took a break, sat by the creek and the butterfly came over and stayed on the ground next to me for about two minutes. I told my boyfriend about the one the day before at my window when I begged for a sign because I couldn't stop crying. He said it was a coincidence. Then the butterfly after he said that did three circles around my head and under my arms and was just dancing everywhere. So everytime we go hiking the yellow butterfly appears and only followd me and plays with me. Then a year later hiking again my boyfriend tells me I've believed this whole time its just a coincidence. As we keep walking talking about signs and God more yellow butterflies keep coming. My boyfriend is ignoring them. I said to him...you do see them, right? He said he saw them and changed subject. We round a corner on our trail to discover a field of thousands of yellow butterflies!

Anonymous said...

God bless those who are reading this. A little over two years ago, my soul mate nd husband went to be with God. I miss him more than I can say in mere words. Alan comes to me as a yellow butterfly. Sometimes it is a living one, sometimes in all sorts of inanimate forms.
I feel Alan's soul. I know he still loves me so and wants us to be together and in a way, we are. I did not know others experienced a yellow butterfly. Praise God for that. Please pray for me. I am so sad without Alan on Earth with me. I will pray for all of you.

weareallrelated said...

Thank you for this story. Just thank you .

Antthenut said...

My son committed suicide in April of this year. When we retrieved his ashes from the crematorium, I was feeling especially sad and cried the whole way home as I held his ashes on my lap. As soon as we arrived in the driveway, this bright yellow butterfly danced right up to me and was flitting about the front yard coming back and forth getting up in my face and then back out to dance in the distance. I have to tell you that the moment I first laid eyes on that creature, such a feeling of calm washed over me that I immediately stopped crying and just KNEW that Aaron is in wonderful place. Since that day, I keep seeing butterflies everywhere. They're mostly bright yellow small ones, and many times they fly around in groups as if he is bringing all my dead loved ones around to say hello now that I'm noticing them. After the appearances, I googled this phenomenon and came across so many similarities with other stories, that I'm convinced he's still with me. I see his butterflies every day both at home and at work & I live over 30 miles from my job.

md4peace said...

My 93 year-old mother died on Thanksgiving day. She had really looked forward to coming to my house for Thanksgiving dinner. Later that day our family gathered at my house for the meal. After we sat down a yellow butterfly appeared out of nowhere and flew about our heads, landing on several people's shoulders. It then flew into one of the globe enclosures of a light over the table. We turned off the light. It flew out but down to the floor where it died. I mounted that butterfly in a glass container and placed it inside my mother's casket before she was buried

Shawn Hilliard said...

Not long after my mother passed while sitting in my backyard witch is my sanctuary,i noticed a yellow butterfly would appear,this happened on several occasions,on maybe the third time i had a feeling there was meaning there ,but when the butterfly no.longer showed up i had forgotten about it for a while,and then for some reason months later i googled the meaning of a yellow butterfly,i was was so surprised,i read its the first communication of life after death,the resurrection of life after death ,and that the soul has moved on and is ok,and also the soul is there to guide the love one's that are left behind,this gave me some peace,and joy,love you mom😘

Anonymous said...

My grandmother lost her battle with ovarian cancer on July 23, 2017 at a hospice facility. I was really devastated because my great uncle was supposed to pick me up 11:30am that day but last minute her friend wanted us to wait for her and get her at 1:30pm. I got a call from my great uncle at 1:03 saying the doctors had called saying it was only a matter of time so he rushed to pick me up and get over there. It was about a 45min - hr drive. In the mean time I was calling my brother who was in South Korea trying to have him on stand by so he could video chat with our grandma so she could see him. I rushed in the building ran up the stairs to find out that she already passed, she passed away at 1:01pm and it was 1:47pm . I screamed and cried I honestly thought I had one more chance to say goodbye. I was the last one in the room with her and I was holding her hands. She had a thing to smile and shake your hand goodbye.I was begging and asking if she was still here I told her to let me know that she is happy and safe I needed a sign. It felt like she was there looking at me.It was hard to get my hand at of hers because it was becoming stiff although her arms and other hands were still soft. I thanked her for raising me and apologized for those times I gave her a hard time and when it was time to say goodbye I was able to slip my hand away at ease it was like she was holding my hand the whole time.
When I came back home I was on my porch on the phone nonstop trying to get my brother back home for the funeral and around 5pmish this HUGE beautiful yellow butterfly with black in it caught my eye comes right on the porch chills by the windows then fly's off and disappears. I never see them that big just small white ones. I asked my gram for verification that was her. The next day my aunt came from the funeral director and told me that my grandmother's eternal candle was a picture of flowers and a big yellow butterfly with black in it. I knew that was my granny then�� I love you soo much.

Feel touched said...

I was sitting on my porch. And a bright yellow butterfly landed on my cheek and stayed there. Then was on my finger for about 5 min. I reached for my phon and took like 10 pics. I have lost a lot of family members in the past that I love dearly. But that experience was crazy. They will fly around but this special beautiful butterfly. Was sticking to me.

Anonymous said...

Mine & my husbands dog passed away this morning...he is our whole world & we dug his grave then a yellow butterfly flew in it then a few minutes later a yellow butterfly flew over his body....I personally had never seen yellow butterflies before so I had to look up and see the meaning...very comforting to read all these post. I know believe he was letting us know he was okay.

Anonymous said...

A day after my dog died I looked outside towards his grave n I saw yellow butterflies all around his grave. I think it was my baby letting us know he's in a happy place.

Anonymous said...

I suffered a miscarriage. The pain was devastating. I cried and begged God and my unborn child for a sign to let me know they are okay. Not too long after that, maybe a week passed and then I started seeing yellow butterflies.

As I was driving, one of them starting flying towards my window shield. Then when I went to check the mail, another small yellow one followed me. The yellow butterflies were not full grown. They were the small baby yellow butterflies. I don't care if anyone thinks Im crazy, I know that was my baby's spirit showing me a sign.

I plan on getting 2 yellow butterflies tattooed on my shoulder along with rosebuds. As a memorial and a reminder. Mommy still loves you even though I didnt get to meet you.